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Cooking Dime-Sized Donuts in a Tiny Kitchen Is Damn Impressive

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Miniature Space has been making beautiful “kawaii cuisine” for ages, and the mystery chef is now tackling adorably small fried donuts. This is a lovely video—but we do want to know what’s up with the random screaming in the background.

The recipe is just like what you would use to make any other donut, only with smaller portions, smaller tools, and the sound of children shrieking around 1:20. Once the dough is thoroughly whisked it’s time to shape it into delicious little circles and that get fried in a miniature Sterno-powered frialator. Finally, the crispy donuts are dunked in little batches of chocolate and vanilla glaze, ready to be served to the world’s smallest cops.

Seriously, it would take, like 800 of these things to constitute a meal, but maybe Miniature Space has some leftover tiny coffee to wash them down.


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