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The Coolight is from designer Wen-haur Yen, otherwise known as the modern day Einstein. It's essentially a battery powered rod thermometer that fits in a bottle. Encapsulated cryogen keeps your drink cold (and will double to put your sober personality in stasis). LED colors can denote temperature, time...the real world possibilities are endless.

Green: You are a nice person with whom people enjoy socializing.
Yellow: You are a funny person with whom people enjoy socializing. Maybe you are good at dancing, too.
Orange: Abort mission! That drunk you are necking will be ugly in the morning/under a light source of 40W or greater.
Red: You shouldn't have brought the bottle home alone. Why doesn't she love you? You are an asshole; nobody likes you. No, not even your cat, he just needs sustenance and often contemplates eating you in your sleep. Don't drunk dial. Too late. Pass out.


This needs to go into production yesterday.

Coolight [yankodesign]