Cop Foils New Robbery While Collecting Footage from Previous One

Ohio cop Joshua Campbell stopped at a Walgreens to pick up surveillance footage of a robbery that had taken place just hours earlier—only to stumble upon a new robbery, at the same Walgreens. Which he foiled. On tape!


The suspect, Donald Cotten, didn't go down without a fight—all of which, of course, was caught by the security cameras. (The best part is Officer Campbell waiting in line to speak with the clerk before realizing what's going on.) But at least, since he was there already, he won't have to make another trip back to the drugstore to pick up tape of a robbery.

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It wasn't pretty, but that was a textbook take down. It came down to a hand to hand struggle, and the cop holstered his weapon and kept holster side away from the suspect while he tried to wrestle him down.