Corgi H2GO RC Car Turns and Runs on Water

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The Corgi H2GO is a RC card powered by a fuel cell that gets refilled with hydrogen extracted from water. Like the previous model, the H-Racer, it uses solar-powered electrolysis to do it. Unlike the straight-line-only H-Racer, however, the H2GO is a real RC car that can actually turn left and right. Playing Dr. Manhattan will set you back $255. [Corgi via Pocket-Lint]



So ... it uses a solar cell to generate electricity, which is used to electrolyze water into hydrogen and oxygen; then feeds the hydrogen into a fuel cell that combines it back with oxygen to generate electricity again, which runs an electric motor?

Wouldn't it be a lot simpler and cheaper just to connect the solar cell directly to the motor and skip the pointless fetch-quest with the hydrogen?

(Answering my own question: But then they wouldn't be able to slap the words FUEL CELL on it and mark the price up to $250, would they?)