You think you'd lay off Facebook for a while if arrested for six sex-related offences, but ex-deputy police officer Nathan James Gastineau of California found his bail rose from $150,000 to $350,000 after quoting Admiral Cain's speech on Facebook.

The Highland, California police-man had been arrested in April for three counts of lewd acts on a minor, plus three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. It's unfortunate that Gastineau isn't doing much for the nerdlinger's reputation, considering he was a co-founder of some local cosplay clubs and has only leapt to fame following his Battlestar Galactica-referencing Facebook post, which comes from the TV show scene above (and copied below):

"This is your Admiral. I know there've been a lot of rumors going around … about the destruction that's been visited on my life. I would like to tell you that they're exaggerations, but in fact it cannot even come close to convey the horror that's been unleashed. The facts are … that my reputation has been destroyed, my job has been nuked, and my best friend is in jail. I imagine you're all asking yourselves the same question I am: What do we do now? Do we run? Do we hide? I think those are the easy choices. A philosopher once said "When faced with untenable alternatives you should consider your imperative." Tomorrow, look around you. Our imperative is right there, in our friendships, in our hearts, in our statements to the media, and in ourselves. War is our imperative. And if right now victory seems like an impossibility, then we have something else to reach for: revenge, payback. So we will fight. Because in the end it's the only alternative my enemy has left us. I say let's make them understand that as long as I still have a breath in me, that this war, that they started, will not be over. Thank you everyone for the support your about to show me tomorrow. I will see you on the other side."


The response he found when he arrived in court following the post was not favourable: "What on Earth is the matter with you? What do you mean by all this? You never know who reads something like this. You could be setting off a chain of events you have no control over that could endanger the alleged victim," Super Court Judge John Martin reportedly asked of Gastineau.

While he was finally released on the original bail after opposing the increase, he's expected to receive a final judgment by the end of the month. Hopefully he'll lay off the frakkin' quotes this time. [Press Enterprise via ZDNet]