Costco and Sam's Club Shut Down Photo Sites After Hackers Break In

Last week, hackers breached CVS’s photo site, so the company shut down its photo service to deal with potential credit card theft. But CVS wasn’t the only company affected. Now, Costco, Sam’s Club, Rite Aid, and dozens of other retailers that used the same photo service hosting company as CVS are temporarily shutting down photo sites and warning users of possible theft.

Rite Aid told customers “The data that may have been affected is name, address, phone number, email address, photo account password and credit card information.”


According to Reuters, some of the companies temporarily shut down services after photo hosting service PNI told them about the breach, while others proactively shut down after reading reports elsewhere:

Costco Canada and Rite Aid noted that PNI has limited access to customer information since it does not process credit cards, but the photo service sites were temporarily taken down as a precaution.

CVS and Walmart Canada asked customers to monitor their credit card transactions closely for unauthorized charges.

As with the CVS hack, it looks like the thieves were after identifying information and not the photos hosted, so people who use these services are more at risk for getting false charges on their credit cards than exposed for weirdo sex pictures.


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Photo by Portal Abras.

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