What do you rely on your local Costco for? Gigantic boxes of diapers? Bulk packs of chicken fingers? In the UK, when you're stocking up on bangers and mash, you can also go home with a full-size $115,000 Formula One simulator. Although, sadly, they're not sold in bulk packs for bigger savings.

The simulator is powered by a reasonably well-equipped Intel Core i7 processor gaming PC with 16 gigs of RAM and a fast SSD hard drive. And the pseudo-wraparound display is composed of three 23-inch TFT LCD displays, accompanied by speakers on either side that complement a full built-in 5.1 surround system.


But when you crunch the numbers, the electronics don't come anywhere close to breaking the ten grand mark. So the $115,000 price tag is mostly covering the ultra-realistic Formula One car chassis the simulator is housed in. It doesn't actually move, but it's made from similar materials as the actual racing vehicles, including composites like carbon fiber which help sell the simulated experience.

Of course given Formula One isn't quite as popular in the US as it is around the world, don't expect your local Costco to start carrying this anytime soon. But a Nascar version could be the perfect Father's Day gift.


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