Could Boarding an Airplane Be More Efficient With This Sliding Seat?

Molon Labe Designs created this concept for airplane seating where the aisle seat can slide in. It's supposed to cut down on boarding times. But are we really that fat?

In theory, more aisle space would put more passengers onboard faster, because people could walk two by two. With more room, getting on a plane might be easier for families with children and people who are handicapped. That said, this is all really nice in theory, but the sliding seat would also require a totally new boarding system that would call for less seating anarchy than the status quo allows. And it would probably render the aisle seat the worst place to spend a flight. Plus, considering how long it's taken many airlines to add inflight Wi-Fi, it's probably not a top priority to address seating issues.

So, okay, the sliding seat is just never going to happen.But even if it did, could it work? Or is there a better solution for speedier boarding? [Core77]

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"But are we really that fat?"

Yes. Yes we are. Have you ever been to the buffet lines in Oklahoma City?