Could the Tron Legacy sequel be right around the corner?

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Now that the buzz from Tron Legacy has come and gone, what lingers is a lot of unanswered questions. Like why did it rain inside a computer? Let's hope the rumored "soon-to-be-greenlit" Tron sequel will answer any remaining queries.

Ain't It Cool news is reporting that Disney is mere moments away from announcing that they're going back onto the grid with a third Tron movie. Granted, this has always been the plan for Disney, and even though the movie was met with mixed reviews, it's still made nearly $300 million worldwide.


So, what will the plot be for the second film? [Spoiler Talk] According to rumor a while back, Cillian Murphy's cameo in the first film — as the son of original Tron villain Ed Dillinger — was intended to set him up as the next big villain. Besides that, we can only assume the next film will include some sort of hilarious "getting to know you"-style musical montage of Quorra in the real world.

What would you like to see in the third Tron film?