Could You Ever Be So Paranoid About Privacy That You'd Wear These Goofy Glasses?

Illustration for article titled Could You Ever Be So Paranoid About Privacy That Youd Wear These Goofy Glasses?

It should come as no surprise that quite often, lurking in the shadows, a security camera is secretly leering at you. In stores, in banks, even on the street; and now they can recognize you too. Of course, there are ways to fight back, but unfortunately they include wearing these goofy-looking glasses.


Designed by Isao Echizen and Seiichi Gohshi of Tokyo's National Institute of Informatics and Kogakuin University respectively, these light-up infrared specs obscure your mug so that facial recognition software can't quite make it out, and so other people on the street (rightfully) think you're a paranoid lunatic. Just how bad would the security camera surveillance dystopia have to get before you'd be willing to wear a pair of these? Or would you rather opt for the makeup approach instead? [Slate]


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I see a huge market for these glasses among ravers.