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Remember, we are giving away a Mio H610 Personal GPS Navigator for the best Black Friday or holiday shopping story. We are getting in quite a few entertaining stories. Hit the jump to read one more and get the details for our contest and how to enter and win.

I went car shopping. Left the Honda dealer in a brand new Element. Headed down the main st with the sales guy in hand. We pulled into a mini mall to turn around where i hit a lady's shopping car w/ a brand new Wii and other electronics. The carts flew about 20 feet spilling everything in it. They guy from the dealer said get out of I did. I ran up the curb over some flowers through a lawn and back on the street and to the dealership. When the sales guys asked me for my info, which i didn't give him, I RAN! Maybe you should get a copy of my license first! As for the element. Doesn't quite handle curbs that well.


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