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Court Says You Can't Ban Sex Offenders From Social Networks

Illustration for article titled Court Says You Cant Ban Sex Offenders From Social Networks

The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that an Indiana law, which bans sex offenders from using social networking sites just because children are on them, is unconstitutional.


The AP reports that the decision overturns a previous federal decision upholding the law. The circuit found that while there are legitimate concerns about the welfare of children, barring sex offenders from social networks violates their constitutional right to free speech. According to the report, courts have ruled similarly on similar laws in Nebraska and Louisiana, so this case could be headed up the line soon. [AP via The Verge]

Image by west.m under Creative Commons license


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Personally i think the whole sex offender registry needs to be revised (or thrown out and started over). There are cases of 18 year old who've had consensual sex with a 16 year old who had to register. That registry should ONLY be for those who've proven harmful/dangerous to children.