It’s certainly a playful look at the series, trading anything of particular note about the show as we’ll eventually see it for some cute banter, fun fights—Cho wielding a staff against some thugs definitely has the same vibes as that excellent broom fight from Cowboy Bebop: the Movie—some hints for the future in the form of Spike’s nemesis Vicious (Alex Hassell), and some metatextual nods to the black-barred stylization of the anime and the series’, opening titles. Plus, it’s got Tank!, because what else would you soundtrack a Bebop short to? If this is the sort of tone the series is aiming for, it’s certainly a very cheeky way of showing off our crew of ramshackle heroes... although we certainly could’ve done with a lot more Ein, and some Ed for good measure while we’re at it.


But alas, it seems like we’re going to have to wait until much closer to the series’ release to get a proper glimpse of it. At least we don’t have long to go: Cowboy Bebop hits Netflix one month from now, on November 19, and if you’re itching for some action in the meantime, the original anime itself begins streaming on the service from October 21.

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