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Cowboy in a T-Rex Costume Is the Best Thing About This Rodeo

Can’t understand how people in oversized hats riding horses and bulls is supposed to be entertaining? It turns out that rodeos were only boring because cowboys were wearing the wrong outfits. Put one in a T-rex costume on a bucking bronco and suddenly you’ve got the best spectator sport in the world.


The T-rex in this clip is actually Zalin Arritola from Oregon who manages to stay in the saddle a surprisingly long time given he couldn’t see a single thing with that inflatable costume flailing all around him.

[YouTube via BoingBoing]

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It’s extremely easy to understand. One ton animal versus a 150 to 225 pound rider; where the human suffers most of the injuries, and the bull is treated like a king. Have you ever watched a professional bull riding event live or otherwise?

It’s one of the few remaining instances of a classic human fight, man vs nature or single man vs single animal. Sure the bulls are bred for their ability, and the riders are 17 to 35 years olds in a professional commercial environment who train/train/train from their youth like olympic gymnasts. And, it can be pure machismo, but unlike other professional sports the riders do not wear much protection, a kevlar vest (horns) and sometimes a helmet. The helmet is not a requirement. No saddle, no reigns, and no breaking the bull’s spirit. Their primary equipment is a rope and a glove. The average age of a bull rider is early 20s and most don’t make it in the sport to or through their thirties because of age (loss of reaction time, pain memory) or massive orthopedic injuries.

The bulls are enormous muscle, tendon, and bone. They can have calm good days and horrifically bad days. They can leap several feet in the air with all hooves off the ground, twisting, turning, and snorting the whole time. They don’t use reason or even consider you much more than an annoyance, like a large fly. When in the dirt, the bull remembers you and will attempt to gore or stomp you, it’s personal; until they are distracted with something else. The animal wins most of the time.

The ride lasts at best, 8 seconds. It’s the longest 8 seconds of pure excitement and drama.