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Cowon iAudio F2 Flash-Based Digital Audio Player

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Cowon has just released the iAudio F2, a flash-based digital audio player that has the same multi-codec support that Cowon DAPs usually have. Available in storage capacities ranging from 512MB to 2GB, the iAudio F2 can play MP3, WMA with or without DRM, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC. Honestly, that amount of space seems a little small nowadays, especially given the revamped iPod nano (but yes, I do recognize that the "anything but iPod" crowd exists). The 1.3-inch screen can also display JPEGs in 160x128-pixel resolution glory and the included FM radio (and FM radio recording!) must please at least a few people out there.


The iAudio F2's battery is rated to last 22 hours, more than enough to time make it back to the States from Japan where you'd have to go to pick it up, right now at least. Good luck finding out how much it costs, though.

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