Crank The Volume Of This Old Jam To Boost The Mood On A Crummy Day

Earbuds in. Volume up. It's time to blast the living daylights out of "Hold on Tight."

The classic tune was recorded by the Jeff Lynne-led Electric Light Orchestra in 1981. It is unabashedly rah-rah. It is a sure-fire mood lifter. It's just the thing when you just need to shake it all out, when getting loose and goofy is the best—nay, the only—way forward.


According to Wikipedia, it was the most expensive video ever filmed at the time, which is a delightful fact because I'd like to think it meant they believed like crazy in the song. They weren't wrong. It's a super tune.

So let's say, hypothetically, that even though it's Tuesday, that the week feels completely nutzo and it would be awesome to cue up some other fun, soul-lifting stuff. What's your go-to for good vibes?

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