Cranky Senator Pissed at Fake ID App

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Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania seems to agree with me—making a fake ID should be sketchy and laborious, not something you can do on your fancy smartphone! The questionable "Drivers License" app is not officially under fire.

A fake ID used to be a trophy—an item of pride. You had to earn that case of Keystone Light by going into some weird back room with a creepy guy, or sending a picture of your underage face to your friend's friend, who nobody really knows that well but is totally legit and $125 is so not a ripoff for a fake, stop being lame! But now Drivers License has taken the magic away:

Create your coolest license EVER. With Drivers License, you can make realistic, crazy, or hilarious drivers licenses for any state.

Take pictures with your iPhone or use pictures you already have and paste them into to the app for endless hours of fun. Take pics alone or with friends, take mug shots or make faces, whatever you can think of, this app will support it.


Yes, I'm sure people will be clamoring to get this app so they can make "crazy" fake ID pictures for fun with their friends. Everyone, gather around the iPhone, it's silly face time! But not too silly, because we're going to screencap this and then print and laminate it. Not cool, says Casey, in a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook:

I write to express my concern with "License" by, an application available for download in Apple's App Store which can be used to create counterfeit identity documents. I believe this application poses a threat to public safety and national security, and I request that you remove it from the App Store immediately.


National security! I had no idea. College students of the world: turn yourselves in at Guantanamo immediately. [Consumerist]