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Create New Masterpieces Out of Google's Chrome Comic Using Photoshop

Illustration for article titled Create New Masterpieces Out of Googles Chrome Comic Using Photoshop

For this week's Photoshop Contest, I want you guys to go crazy with Google's Chrome comic. The 4chan folks have already done some stuff with it, now its your turn. Feel free to go beyond just swapping the words out. Insert photos, put panels together that don't belong together, make it as insane as humanly possible. There are tons of pages of source material, and I'm positive that you'll come up with some hilarious and probably-unsettling stuff. Work up those entries and send 'em in to me at with the subject line of "Chrome Comic." Your entries should be in gif, png or jpg form, and the filename should be FirstnameLastname.jpg with whatever name you want credited. Send your entries to me (as many entries per person as you'd like) by next Tuesday. I'll then pick the top three winners and post the best entries in a Gallery of Champions. Get to it!


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My, what horror hath we wrought in our fair thread?

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