Illustration for article titled Creative Clones the Flip Camcorder: Why the Hell Are They Calling It Vado?

The most impressive thing about the ultra-basic Flip camcorder (to me anyway) is that it's managed to steal 13 percent of the camcorder market. Creative is hoping to bottle some of that magic with a $100 Flip clone called Vado (which sounds more like a failed Star Wars character than a cheapo camcorder). The leaked specs are barely discernible from the Flip Ultra's. (To be super duper clear, this a bad Photoshop of the Flip Ultra, not Creative's product.)


According to J&R's spec sheet, it's got VGA res, 2GB storage, solid low-light performance, direct YouTube/Photobuck upload, 2x digital zoom and a USB dongle connector, etc. Its only points of difference are a slightly larger 2-inch screen, more compression (two hours of vid will fit on its 2GB, the Flip only promises an hour) and a smaller palette of colors, just silver and pink. No pictures of this thing yet (it probably won't look like this horrible Photoshop), but it might do well, if only thanks to the power of confusion—the people purportedly picking up the Flip aren't the most discerning crowd, and the weird, dark and vaguely sci-fiish name would be a turnoff for soccer moms. Flip sounds more fun. [JR via Gadget Lab]


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