Criterion Collection Going Blu-Ray!

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When it comes to the fine art of presenting movies on discs, Criterion's treatment of films, in quality and extras, finds itself unparalleled. And that's why it is amazingly good news that they're finally going Blu-ray.


What's even cooler is that they're not going to charge any more for Blu-ray versions of movies, and that's a surprising relief to anyone who's ever coughed up for the often multi-disc sets chock with supplementary content. I have personally paused all Criterion purchases until they went HD. (Black and white samurai films are fine on DVD.) The first 13 titles are:

The Third Man; Bottle Rocket; Chungking Express; The Man Who Fell to Earth; The Last Emperor; El Norte; The 400 Blows; Gimme Shelter; The Complete Monterey Pop; Contempt; Walkabout; For All Mankind; The Wages of Fear

And the Criterion website is giving newsletter subscribers $10 off plus free shipping on orders of $60 or more by using the OFBT code at checkout.
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@OMG! Ponies!:

Check. The purchase price for a family is WAY more expensive than a Blu-ray disc ;) But I still think something like Anita Ekberg prancing in a fountain would be well served by a 1080p upgrade.