Yes; these are quite silly. Brooklyn-based illustrator Paul Tuller imagined a series of six starchitects—the "kings and queens" of the profession—wearing their iconic constructions as jaunty pillbox-style hats (or royal crowns, depending on your perspective).

The result is as delightful as it is goofball; a playful new identity for both the monumental buildings as well as the big personalities responsible for them.

It's fun to picture these accessories existing in some sort of real-world cosplay fashion show; a modern take on the endlessly charming Beaux-Arts Ball in 1931, which saw a dozen architects don full-body get-ups, or even a sleeker take on San Francisco's wildly campy Beach Blanket Babylon.


I could also see them them as collect 'em all trading cards. Who would you like to see represented—and with what work perched on their head? Ol' Frank and his ravey-balls hair metal Biomuseo? Fujimori and his earthy Takasugi-an tea house? Julia Morgan and her massive Hearst Castle?

Purchase individual prints of one of the whole gang here, for $15 to $17 each. [Co.Design ]