Crushing 17 LCD Screens With a Steamroller Looks Satisfying as Hell

Work can be frustrating. Sometimes you just want to line up every computer screen in the office and run them all over with a 12-ton steamroller. Hey, YouTube channel Road Roller has already done the hard work for you and watching it is just as satisfying.

Road Roller’s video gets straight to the good stuff: A bunch of high-quality LCD screens—ones that could easily be used for making spreadsheets or sending important emails to new clients—are lined up in a row and totally decimated by this man’s steamroller. Crunch.


Like that isn’t enough, the driver then backs up over the LCD screens and leaves them all flat like pancakes. For those wanting a close-up, a GoPro attached to the steamroller’s bumper shows the moment of impact. Nom nom nom.

The whole thing makes this iconic scene of workplace stress relief look pretty tame, really.

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Michael Nunez

Technology editor at Gizmodo.

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