Cthulhu Joins Up With the Only More Evil Entity in the Universe: Monopoly

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In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits... to not pass go, and not collect $200? Sure. Let’s go with that.


Cthulhu Monopoly draws on locations from Lovecraftian lore like Miskatonic University for its settings rather than the standard Monopoly streets, as you and your fellow Old-One-Loving cultists do board-game-based battle for new land to worship Cthulhu on. It’s thoroughly Lovecraft-laden, right down to the playing pieces being various relics and ritual tools. Bagsy being the sacrificial knife!

Playing Monopoly with your friends or family can often feel like you’re slowly going insane, so combining the classic board game with Lovecraft’s finest nightmare-inducing Old One seems like a perfectly reasonable fit. You can just blame the rage on the need to heed the call of Cthulhu rather than the fact that some jerk just swiped the last deed you needed to complete a set and oh god this is taking forever kill me nowwww.

You can answer the Call of Monopoly: Cthulhu Collectors Edition in December, and you can currently pre-order it from Entertainment Earth for $40. [Entertainment Earth via Geeks Are Sexy]

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With all the great Chtulhu-themed boardgames out there, why would I want to buy a version of one of the worst designed boardgame ever instead?