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Cult Favorite Comic Locke & Key to Become a Movie Trilogy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last night, Joe Hill told Comic-Con that his comic book Locke & Key is being adapted into a trilogy of movies by Universal.

The author said the studio has a script that they like, which is great news. Previously Locke & Key was to be developed into a series by FOX, but never made it past the pilot stage — much to the dismay of fans.


Dread Central sums up the plot of the comic like this:

"Locke & Key" tells of three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Maine. They soon discover the house has magical keys that give the bearers a vast array of powers and abilities. Little do they know (but they soon will) that a devious demon also wants the keys.


Here's hoping the movie series fares better than the TV show.