Maybe you care about the environment. Maybe you just want to look cool while enjoying your morning coffee. Or maybe you're just a total hipster. Whatever your motivation, Cuppow, a lid that will turn your jars into a travel mugs, helps you drink your beverages on the go.

Lots of people use mason jars as mobile carafes. They're cheap and convenient. But they're not perfect; the lids don't screw on tightly, sipping from a giant opening as you walk down the sidewalk or ride the train is awkward, and most of the time, you end up spilling all over yourself.


But Cuppow adapted the idea to something that is more conducive to imbibing on the move and a lot cooler. BPA-free and just $8, the lid fits easily onto the top of most jars, instantly turning them into a coffee shop-style go cup. Your morning commute just got a lot less sloppy. Thanks Christine! [Cuppow]