Cuppow Turns Any Jar Into a Travel Mug

Maybe you care about the environment. Maybe you just want to look cool while enjoying your morning coffee. Or maybe you're just a total hipster. Whatever your motivation, Cuppow, a lid that will turn your jars into a travel mugs, helps you drink your beverages on the go.


Lots of people use mason jars as mobile carafes. They're cheap and convenient. But they're not perfect; the lids don't screw on tightly, sipping from a giant opening as you walk down the sidewalk or ride the train is awkward, and most of the time, you end up spilling all over yourself.

But Cuppow adapted the idea to something that is more conducive to imbibing on the move and a lot cooler. BPA-free and just $8, the lid fits easily onto the top of most jars, instantly turning them into a coffee shop-style go cup. Your morning commute just got a lot less sloppy. Thanks Christine! [Cuppow]


Prancing Pony

Buckle up, folks, I'm about to go on a rant. And yes, it is about you commenters.

For shit's sake, I do not understand why on every other article there are comments bashing hipsters. If it looks somewhat trendy, it must be hipster-bait. If a picture has a filter on it, well, that's obviously just a hipster using Instagram because they don't know how to take decent photos and edit them. If someone has a beard, GODDAMN IT, he just has to be a hipster. And, according to the mass amount of hipster bashing commenters, hipsters are just smelly, bearded, skinny jean loving, loafer wearing, American Spirit smoking douchebags. Now, I just don't follow this logic. By hating on the hipsters so much, you pretty much become as cliche as the things you are making fun of. For every hipster spewing snarky comments about how their favorite Indie band is less current than your favorite, there are commenters on Gizmodo claiming they think hipsters are more douchey than the other starred commenter. What I call for is a truce. I can acknowledge the fact, that at times, so called 'hipsters' can be funny to laugh at, they can be annoying, whatever. But I think we've all been there. Who can say they never went through a phase? I had a mullet growing up. Hey, it was the 90's. So please, can we stop hating on hipsters? I know it can be funny, but it's just getting repetitive reading all the hipster hate.

And let's take a quick poll... Who, out of us Giz readers, use name brand electronics such as iPhones or Android devices? Who drinks coffee? Who drinks tea? Who uses messenger bags? Who has a beard? Who has glasses? Who wears scarves? Who, at one time or another, was snobbish because they felt they had superior style/tastes than the masses? If you raised your hand for any of those questions, you might just be a "hipster." Do you guys see where I'm coming from? I dunno, it's late and I had too much caffeine at work tonight and I just read the comments and felt the urge to say something. Please, if you think I should shut the hell up, let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts on hipster hate.


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