Curl Up This Winter With Five Straight Hours Of a Burning Darth Vader Yule Log

Who wants the hassle and maintenance of a real fireplace when Netflix serves up a convincing yule log you can just stream to your living room TV? Or better yet, why not just give in to all the Star Wars mania and curl up next to Anakin Skywalker’s burning corpse on a cold winter’s night.


If this five hour loop of Darth Vader’s funeral pyre on YouTube doesn’t get you in the mood for the holidays, nothing will. It’s all but guaranteed to get you in the mood for Star Wars, though, because there’s just no point to trying to resist it anymore.

[YouTube via The Verge]

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I have a fireplace Blu-Ray disk, and I was playing it last christmas when my son-in-law’s father visited; he thought it was the dumbest thing he ever saw. This year I played it when he arrived, just as a joke. He trumped me by opening his suitcase and pulling out some sticks and pictures of marshmallows, and proceeded to “toast” them.