As if my iPhone didn't have enough of my DNA in the form of grease fingerprints, dead skin cells, and other precious bodily fluids, now I can add some more of it in wallpaper form.


French DNA laboratory Helys can do it for you. It works like this: Pay $147 and they will send you a DNA sampling kit. Send them back your DNA, choose a preferred tonal range, and they will make your genetic print into pixel form. Two weeks later, you will receive a 320 x 480 pixel picture in your email.

Of course, what Helys is not telling you is that this is all part of a secret plan by the French government to have a record of all our DNA. And with it, they will create a mutant cheese that will kill everyone in the planet who is not French or drinks Vichy water. I warned you. Don't come back later whining about it when your arteries explode because of the killer mutant cheese. [Helys via CNET]