Cute Girl Sells Laser-Etched MacBook Advertising

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Leah Culver is a startup computer programmer—did I mention she is a girl, a cute girl, a cute girl who likes computers? Interested yet? Anyway, Leah has been using a Special Edition G3 iMac for the past six years and she desperately needs a new computer to keep up with the rough and tough computer programming world.

She is selling advertising on a soon-to-be-purchased MacBook Pro. For only $150, you can own a square inch of her MacBook Pro that will be on display throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Wondering how she can afford the laser etching? She works at Squid Lab, specifically for Instructables, a favorite site of ours—they are allowing her to use their laser-etching machine.


Can't afford the $150? Donate any, for $30 she will buy you a beer, which is kind of like a date! Oh, and the best part of all—the largest contributor gets a 250MB Zip Drive signed by Leah! I bet she could afford a new MacBook if she would just sell the time machine used to get that Zip Drive.

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