CW Clips the Wings of Green Arrow and the Canaries

Bye ladies.
Bye ladies.
Image: The CW

Not every superhero is getting the chance to fly. CW has announced that it’s choosing not to pick up the Arrow spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries to series, meaning a key part of the Arrowverse will officially come to an end.


After many months of wondering we now know, thanks to the Hollywood Reporter, that the CW has passed on Green Arrow and the Canaries. You may recall the idea began as a backdoor pilot in the penultimate episode of Arrow.but the last we’d heard was it was “in active discussions” at the network as of May of last year.

Green Arrow and the Canaries would have starred Katherine McNamara (currently starring in The Stand) as Mia Smoak, Oliver Queen’s temporarily time-displaced daughter who, in the events of the planned spinoff, had returned to her own time—only to find herself once again in the company of Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy). It was poised to continue the legacy of Arrow, the show that single-handedly launched an entire DC television universe on the CW.

That show, led by Stephen Amell, came to an end last year after the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, but is survived by interconnected shows like The Flash, Batwoman, and Legends of Tomorrow. A couple of other DC superhero series, Supergirl and Black Lightning, will be coming to an end after their upcoming 2021 seasons. In their place, we can expect Superman & Lois, Wonder Girl, a Naomi series from Ava Duvernay, and a possible Black Lightning spinoff about Painkiller, which is getting its own backdoor pilot soon.

It may be a bummer to see the Arrowverse lose its biggest flagship connection, but it feels like time to move into the next phase of the CW’s DC universe. Besides, we’ll always have the memories of pleather pants and a seemingly endless supply of arrows to keep us company.


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Mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand genuinely thought Kat McNamara was well suited to Mia and there was a lot of really interesting possibilities surrounding her. On the other... boy was that backdoor pilot uninspired and in a shared universe having a ‘future’ show set just 20 years ahead of the rest was asking for storyline trouble down the line. Bringing in supporting cast from Arrow also just made it feel... I dunno, tired before it started?