Cydia Opens iPhone App Store for the Jailbroken Community

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Cydia, an unofficial apps installer for jailbroken iPhones and iPods touch has now applications for sale, so independent developers can get compensated for their work outside Apple's official ecosystem. Bring on the porn apps!


Cydia's founder, 27-year-old Californian grad student Jay Freeman, will apparently charge about the same commission as Apple does to developers wanting to list their apps in the new Cydia Applications. A paid app store will not only reward developers for their efforts but possibly lead to a wider variety of non-Apple-approved apps. Apparently, more illicit app stores are in the works, including an adult-themed one, which we will of course examine at great length.

Check out Jesus's great guide to jailbreaking for more info on jailbreaking and free apps. [Macworld]



As a long time user of Cydia, i am pissed. Most apps now will be making people charge for them. The reason for jailbreaking your phone is to get apps the either will never get approved by the app store or break the rules. You should be able to get them free. Now most of these people are going to transfer and start charging fees. There are apps now that want you to buy a serial, and I believe that is how it should stay.