DACport USB Amp and Digital to Analog Converter for Audiophiles On the Run

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If you're serious about your music and are looking for a portable DAC that will keep your digital audio sounding crystal clear even when you're out and about, the USB-powered DACport might be just the ticket.

Does the mere thought of listening to MP3s makes your ears hurt? But do you still like to enjoy your music on the go? Then the DACport is a combination headphone amp and digital to analog converter to check out.


It natively plays 24-bit/96 kHz, powers over USB, and is fully plug and play compatible. The $500 DACport claims that it will eliminate the cable jitter and background noise that is typical of USB DAC devices.

If you're still with me, you can check out a thorough review at Head-Fi or check out the manufacturer's site for more info. [CEntrance via Technabob]