Dads & Grads Gift Guide


Welcome to the Gizmodo Dads & Grads Gift Guide, your one-stop source for the gift that says:

"Congratulations on passing along your genetic makeup"
"Good on you for getting your liberal arts degree in digital pop culture"
like no other.


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The Fanciest Grad You Know

The Grad Who Uses the Phrase "Beer o'clock"

The Anxiety-Ridden Grad

The Grad Who Has Neither the Cajones nor the Necessary Testosterone Levels to Grow an Old-Tyme Mustache

The Grad Who Got Rejected From Top Chef

The Foul-Smelling Grad

The Nintendo Loyalist Grad

The Demonstrative Gamer Grad

The Grad Whose Twitter Account Just Got Optioned

The Grad Who Has a Climate-Controlled Closet for His Shoes

The Grad Who Won't Stay in One Damn Place

The Grad Who Has Moved Beyond Hipstamatic

Pretty Much Every Grad

The Grad Still Complaining About His Dumbphone

The Grad Who's Actually From Connecticut

Click below to find the perfect gift for...

The Campy Dad Who Creates Facebook Pages for His Gadgets

The Dad Who Can't Find His Damn Keys

The Dad Who Thinks He's Don Draper

The Dad Who Gets All Teary at That One Commercial

The Dad Who Is a Teensy Bit Obsessed with the Dog and/or Super Into Optical Illusions


The Dad Who Cannot Tell a Lie

The Dad with Stubble Thicker than Amazonian Underbrush

The Dad Who Was a Hipster First

The Dad Who Won't Stop Quoting The Godfather

The Dad Who Finds a Double Entendre In Everything

The Dad Who Already Has an iPad 2

The Dad Devoted to His BlackBerry

The Apple-Hating Dad

The Debonair Dad

The Dad Who's Convinced New Yorkers Only Eat Tofu


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