Lambskin gets a bad, um, wrap, but it is oh so soft. If you're going to make a pair of headphones for fastidious ears, they really should have Downy-soft ear pads.

Audeze LCD-3 are the "professional" follow up to Azure's fabulous LCD-2. The lambskin is more than drapery: like their amateur cousins, LCD-3 headphones have completely different guts than almost any other headphone on the market. They're stocked with super-accurate planar magnetic drivers with an upgraded, ultra-thin diaphragm. These headphones are designed to perfectly reproduce recordings, but these look so precise that who knows what amazing recording studio details you'll hear? Jimi Hendrix's memories? Alex Chilton's heart condition? The LCD-3 headphones are colosally expensive: $1945, so remember: professionals only. [Audeze]