Alarm clocks—or alarm phones, if you wish—are a necessity, but that doesn't make me hate them less. During the week, I live and die by a buzzer, but on the weekend, I don't have to listen to no clock.

I love this voice-controlled Braun beeper first and foremost because I can't get enough of the classic design. The original 1971 Braun travel alarm clocks were designed by Dieter Rams and Deitrich Lubs and the Braun reissues released last year are faithful to the originals. Delicious in and of itself because if something is going to be barking at me to get out of bed it better be pretty. But this Braun alarm is voice-controlled so you can shut it off by yelping (or clapping) in its general direction. That satisfaction alone is worth $40. [Braun]


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