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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Dark Helmet Would Love This Exclusive Lego Darth Helmet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Unfortunately, the Darth helmet isn’t actually tailored for Dark Helmet, but it’s still a very cool, exclusive Vader helmet (or “bust,” technically) that the Spaceballs character would probably covet. has begun to roll out the exclusives for next month’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and while not everything has been revealed just yet, one item does stand out alongside the various Phantom Menace throwbacks. Something that would get anyone who plays with Star Wars toys, like Dark Helmet, very excited.

It’s this 327-piece Darth Vader bust (which includes a helmet! let us have it!) celebrating 20 years of Star Wars Lego sets. This bad boy will be available at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, but also at Target stores.


No word yet on what it will cost, but we guess it’ll be around $35-40 if it goes by usual Lego pricing. And, if you aren’t attending Celebration, limited quantities will be available April 11 if you have the Target REDCard, according to Cinelinx.

If you are attending Star Wars Celebration though next month, a) say “Hi,” I’ll be there too, and b) you’ll be able to try and reserve one of these using a new virtual queue system. You can read all about that process right here.


We updated the article with the Target information after publication.

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