Darpa Is Looking to SMITE Internet Interlopers

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Darpa is going at securing cyberspace again, and this time they've got an open call to everyone to help them devise a program that will flag threats through irregular activity.


The new program called "Suspected Malicious Insider Threat Elimination"—painstakingly abbreviated to SMITE—was started to point out threats in the massive amounts of data on the internet. The new idea behind the program is to track the the activity of individuals or groups, rather than look for hints of threats in the entire sea of information. Theoretically it will be easier to notice malicious intentions by looking for small differences in the constantly updated activities of single users rather than the whole mess of us.

All this cyber-sleuthing sounds questionable, as some future activity could be mistakenly flagged as hostile. To prevent this, Darpa is calling for submissions to build a massive database that will prevent any accidental interpretations. The call for participants is going on now and there's workshop set later this June. Start covering your tracks now. [Darpa via Wired]



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