Darth Tater Reviewed (Verdict: Two Great Tastes..)

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Crack open a fresh DVD-R, burn a copy of SWIII, and start playing with Darth Tater Head. You won't have to leave the house for weeks! This toy, which is shaped like a potato—the future is upon us!—includes a Darth Tater helmet, a laser sword—where do they get this stuff?—and is tinged with a Santorum-like mixture of latent sexual excitement, joy, disappointment, and a sense that the your singular obsession of last 25 years is actually the product of a director's late night bong session ("Let's call the bad guy like Dark Lord or something, man." "Come on, George, like Dark is so over." "Darf?" "OK. I'll write that down.")

Have fun!

Star Wars - Mr Potato Head Darth Tater Review [Pocket-Lint]

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