Perhaps in order to simulate winter in New Hampshire, Dartmouth engineers recently traveled to Greenland (the icy one, as opposed to Iceland, the green one) to test a solar-powered robot. When the robot, aided by GPS and really good snow tires, proved itself adept at getting around, it dawned on the researchers that they could enslave it and make it do their bidding. They attached a sled, and found that the 200-lb. robot could pull its own weight in cargo with no problem. The next step was a robot-assisted sleigh ride; they could only move at a walking pace, however, not enough for a really cool doughnut-and-whiplash maneuver. According to the researchers, the "ultimate test" was to see if the robot could haul a 200-gallon keg. They said it was full of water, but even children know that if a solar-powered snow robot can haul a keg of water, it will haul a keg of beer just as well.

Solar Powered Robot Snow Surfing [via GetOutdoors]