Darwin Controller Hopes to Challenge Wiimote's Supremacy

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Motus Corporation is working on a motion-based controller for PCs and current-gen consoles not named Wii. The Darwin controller promises to offer more realistic control than the Wiimote due to its more involved use of gyroscopes and accelerometers.


Motus says the Darwin always orients itself with magnetic north, and can sense which direction it is pointing. Motus got their start building hyper-realistic controllers to help golfers with their swing and claim that their background working with more complex controllers will give them an edge. We shall see when Darwin arrives in stores by the end of the year with a price between $79 and $99. [Technology Review]



A great idea that will never have widespread success in the current console generation. As with all peripherals not bundled with the console or the game, the industry developers and publishers will wait to support it until it has reached a large market penetration through user purchases. Consumers will not want to buy a peripheral that has little or no games supporting it. The company will probably pay someone to support it in one or more high profile products but unless they pay for the top 5 or more games the end adoption rate will fall short of mass acceptance.

The only very-long-shot to success is if they also develop a killer game app to bundle with it, in the same way that Guitar Hero sold the guitars and the old EA Sports titles for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive sold the EA 4-way Play controller adapters. Otherwise they should work now on patents and try to license the tech to Sony/Microsoft for the next generation of consoles 4-5 years down the road (the rumble patents were phenomenally profitable for their holders).