Dave Bautista Set to Hunt the Galaxy's Most Dangerous Criminals in Universe's Most Wanted

Dave Bautista in March 2020.
Dave Bautista in March 2020.
Photo: Rich Polk (Getty Images)

When aliens crash in your hometown, who’s going to protect it? Yes, that’s right, Dave Bautista. Oh, thank the space gods.


According to Deadline, Dave Bautista has just signed on for Universe’s Most Wanted, a new film directed by Brad Peyton (Rampage), in a role that will have Bautista continue his acting career as a dude from space who beats up other dudes quite well. The film, set in a small town, will tell the story of a group of notorious space!criminals who crash land and hole up in the peaceful settlement.

Enter Bautista, who plays an intergalactic peacekeeper who is on the hunt for these alien criminals. Alongside the son of the local sheriff, Bautista will have to keep these villains in line and get them off our planet. It sounds fun, and a more interesting hook than Peyton’s past work like Rampage or San Andreas (though both were great if your favorite premise is “Dwayne Johnson does stuff”).

The film is currently in the conception phase, and will be put to sale by AGC Studios and CAA Media Finance in the next few weeks. 

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Bautista is a far better actor than he’s given credit for. His cut scenes from Blade Runner 2049 show some of that, although I understand why they were cut. I would like to see him play the lead in a plain old drama, perhaps about family dynamics. Something not trying to be a silly comedy based on his physical (ahem) assets, but him being the good guy we know Bautista (the person) really is.

By the way:  Fuck cancer.