David Beckham Gets a Gold iPod Touch

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We thought Beckham had been officially exiled from his home country, but apparently he's back and captaining their squad. His teammates were sooooo thrilled at his return that they all chipped in and purchased a gold iPod Touch (probably from these people) and engraved his name on the back. Not only that, they engraved what it was for—his 100th cap—so Becks wouldn't think that it was for being the most handsome guy on the squad. In comparison, I expect something along these lines when I reach my 10,000th blog post. Maybe a solid gold keyboard. Or some money. [Telegraph]


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@Jesus Diaz: Don't get too upset about it, Jesus. The Limeys do this sort of thing specifically to make us look silly. Fortunately, they are buying gold plated versions of our products, so it is Steve Jobs that is having the last laugh.

@Jason Chen: I will toss in a buck toward the 10,000 post cause. Put strider_mt2k in for a hundred. He's good for it.