David Pogue: "Smartphone Is Too Limited...It's An App Phone"

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Before David Pogue wrote his review of the Droid, he had trouble deciding what to call the device. He argued that "smartphone" is an outdated label for the "iPhone-like" devices coming out and so he looked for a new one.


Our Jason Chen discussed this issue in the past and coined the term "com," but here's Pogue's take:

What should we call these iPhone-like, touch screen Wi-Fi phones with music and video, real Web browsers, e-mail, sensors (light, tilt, location, proximity), and, above all, app stores? These machines can download thousands of free or cheap add-on programs - "apps" - and become GPS units, musical instruments and medical equipment.

"Smartphone" is too limited. A smartphone is a cellphone with e-mail - an old BlackBerry, a Blackjack, maybe a Treo. This new category - somewhere between cellphones and laptops, or even beyond them - deserves a name of its own.

I invited suggestions on Twitter. The best came from @mentalworkout: "app phone." Bingo. Apps distinguish iPhonish phones from mere smartphones, so "app phones" it is.


I disagree with both Chen and Pogue and prefer to think of the gadgets as "Things I Can't Live Without," but what do you think they should be called? [NY Times]

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This is just stupid, "Apps" are here since ages. Why does everyone think that the iPhone was the first phone that could have applications... I could download map software to my Nokia 6630 in 2005. Or should I mention java apps for my 3410i in 1999? They also enabled additional functionality. So where is the distinction...? #appphone