Daybreakers Explains How You Doomed Us All To A Viral Vampire Future

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Learn how we'll all evolve into vampires in the future, in this new Daybreakers breakdown video. Plus, tips on how to capture wild humans. vampire death-scene wallpapers, and new posters.

At the Daybreakers sponsored site Capture Humans, there's a Facebook video that, once hooked up to your page, will explain the viral "gift" that is vampirism — by establishing you and all your Facebook friends as the original vampires. It's actually pretty fascinating and helps build the vampire world that exists in Daybreakers. See if you can catch the picture I used for "patient zero." It also gives a bit of background to the Bromley and Marks "blood bank," where future vampires will keep their currency. The "population control" is pretty intense as well.

If you're not keen on putting in your FB stats, you can just watch the video we provided above.

Also on the Capture Humans site are a few tips from the site on what to do if you encounter one of the few humans left on the planet:


Plus from their home page here are a few lovely wallpapers that show vampire rides, and what happens when a vamp is thrown out from the front of their car. Fire!

And here are awesome new posters: