DC's 1982 Character Style Guide is a Beautiful Treasure Trove of Comic Book Nostalgia

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If you’re a fan of classic DC comics, then it’s probably the artwork of the ‘80s that is burned into your memory—more specifically it might be the art featured in the rare, never-released-for-sale 1982 style guide. While bits and pieces have made their way online in the past, we’ve never had a chance to see the entirety of it... until now.

Recently a Facebook fan page for the Spanish artist José Luis García-López posted scans purporting to be the entirety of the 1982 DC Style Guide, which was drawn entirely by García-López, with ink and color work from Todd Klein and Dick Giordano. The guide, kept continuously updated throughout the ‘80s, was never made publicly available—it was a tool for artists to gather color and model references from when drawing characters, as well as for licensees to use for marketing purposes and merchandise.

But man, it is amazing to look through. Many of the pieces included have colored and non-colored versions, but the staggering collection, covering so many heroes and villains, is truly wonderful to behold. These are (in some cases, literal) icons of an era... others are Supergirl’s hilarious mid-1980s sweatband look.

Yup, sure was the ‘80s. You can see a few more images from the style guide below, but seriously, you have to check out the full thing here. It’s brilliant.

[Via Robot 6]