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DC's Latest Young Adult Series Turns Wonder Woman, Batman And Superman Into Teen Detectives

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

DC have been on a bit of a YA kick this year, striving to get younger readers into the vast cadre of DC heroes (and eventually, into the comic books themselves). We’ve got young Lois Lane spinning off in her own book series, but now DC’s big three are getting in on the action... as middle-school kids.

Clark, Bruce, and Diana will star in three illustrated novels from Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs for scholastic, kicking off with Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice—reimagining them as attending a trio of middle-school students at a fancy prep school. Presumably Clark and Diana will still have their powers—in the artwork for the cover, Diana still has a slightly more bangle-esque version of her usual bullet-deflecting gauntlets on—as the thrust of the series will see the three disparate teens form a friendship together to investigate just why they and their fellow classmates have been enrolled in the prestigious school. As the series continues, other heroes will be tossed into the mix: names like Aquaman and Cyborg are already being floated for appearances. DC School AU? DC School AU. That’s kind of great. Can we get a Gotham Academy crossover in the comics with these kids?


It’s cool to see DC branching out more into grabbing young audiences with books like this, it’s something Marvel have started doing as well, with more novels based on their characters, and specifically YA content like the upcoming Black Widow novel. As a wider audience begins seeing these heroes on TV and on the big screen in the next few years, giving them content that’s targeted for them as a lead in into following comics themselves sounds great. Also, let’s be honest: DC Teen Mystery Team sounds like it could be a lot of fun anyway! Study Hall Of Justice will be out in February of next year.

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