Dead LEGO Minifig Skull Holds Eggs, Easter or Not

Easter is here. Yes, you all read about it in the Da Vinci Code, that whole thing about that guy who walked over water whose best friend was a giant bunny. Or something like that. Whatever. According to Dan Brown's next book, those two spent the whole week eating more eggs than Cool Hand Luke. Chocolate eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, eggs benedict, boiled eggs in dead LEGO minifig skulls halved in two? Yes. Anything to scare your younger ones in the morning, match the minifig skull Egg Timer after the jump.


Unfortunately, the $10 two-skulls Egg Cup set is not available directly in the United States. You can buy the minifig head egg timer for $7.99. [LEGO and LEGO via Toylogy]

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