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After reading Jason Chen's Zune review yesterday, I think we have all become a little excited about Microsoft's new product. But alas, most of us have already sunk a mortgage payment into our current portable setup.


No worries! ToysRUs has a $16.99 Black Zune listed online. Plus, you get a Jumbo Dora doll for only $5.99 with purchase. I'd pay $23 for just the doll! Buyer beware: Don't confuse this with the Black Zune on their site that runs the normal $249.99. Apparently, by not listing a photo with the product, ToysRUs saves a lot of overhead. And they pass the savings to you! Order now and don't forget the step where you spend 8 hours on the phone with customer support, after which the whole thing ends in a restraining order.

ToysRus Thanks Michael!

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