Illustration for article titled Dealzmodo: $850 Off Brand New Last-Gen MacBook Pro, $1000 Off Refurb

Not a fan of the new MacBook Pro, but still want a new pro Mac? Amazon has an absolutely killer deal on the last generation MacBook Pro. They're dumping the former $2500 model for just $1650 after a $150 mail-in rebate. Again, you're getting a computer that was $2500 two days ago for $1650, a 33 percent discount. Update: If you're cool with a refurb, you can also get a whopping $1000 off this MBP model at the Apple Store (thanks Justin!). Put in perspective, it would spank the similarly priced $1599 MacBook in benchmarks, and keep up reasonably well with the new model. Amazon is offering the rebate on regular last-gen MacBooks too, if you wanna go that route. [Amazon]


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