Dealzmodo: 91% Off Microsoft Office Ultimate

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Here's how you take money from Microsoft's pockets and put it into your own. First, you need to want to buy Microsoft Office Ultimate. Second, you need a .edu email address. It doesn't matter that you graduated in 1994 and the last time you stepped foot in a classroom was 1993, all you need is an .edu address. That'll cut down the atrocious $680 price tag to a more manageable $60. You have until May 16, a week from now. After that you'll have to go back to BitTorrenting it like you always do. [The Ultimate Steal via NYT via Lifehacker]




@quikboy: How exactly does OpenOffice suck? If you're a student or just need a well-rounded word processing suite to get your work done, what does OpenOffice lack that would make MS Office the superior option? As a user of Office myself, I can attest to it being a quality product, but for my own purposes, it is most definitely not worth even half the coin it generally asks for.

That said, I love my copy of iWork '08 =P