Dealzmodo: Peek Handheld, Time's 'Gadget of the Year' On Sale For $80

Illustration for article titled Dealzmodo: Peek Handheld, Times Gadget of the Year On Sale For $80

Described as the "Kindle of email" the Peek handheld has been getting some good press lately. Time Magazine readers even voted it as "the gadget of the year"—although those results are dubious at best given the fact that the T-Mobile G1 came in a distant second. Nonetheless, Peek is currently offering their email-only handheld for $80—or $20 off the standard price. Keep in mind that unlimited use on T-Mobile will set you back an additional $20 per month. [Peek and Time]


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Since Time Magazine has a gadget of the year, I think that Gizmodo should get ready to announce their first annual "Man of the Year." That'll show those boundary-crossing magazine bastards.